Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing is an excellent option for screening or segregating sections of your garden or for marking the boundary between two properties. There are lots of options available depending on whether you want a simple boundary or a complete screen. I will briefly run you through the pros and cons of each of the most common types of wooden fencing, if you require a more indepth analysis and technical explanation then please see my fencing page in the services section.


Picket Fencing is mainly used to mark a boundary, it is cost effective but it does not offer much privacy but it is effective in keeping animals/children in or out. It is commonly seen at the front of a property and is an attractive option.


If you require a complete screen then Panel Fencing is a great inexpensive option. It is relatively quick to install because of its pre made panel . It gives great privacy and will last well in most weather conditions although strong winds will test its strength.


Closeboard Fencing is the best option is you require a solid wooden fence. Closeboard offers a complete screen, excellent security and is weather proof in all conditions including high wind. These fences are built to last and it is not uncommon to see a Closeboard fence still in good condition 20 years after erection. The only negative is they are expensive, but you get what you pay for as a wise man once said.


Post and Rail Fencing is a common agricultural type of fencing, it often has wire fencing attached to keep livestock or pests in or out. Although predominantly used on farmland it can be used as a boundary on large properties. It is cost effective per square metre and can be erected quickly as concreting is not usually required, although this retracts from the life of the fence as it does not have the solid concrete footing that most garden fences have. The fence above is without concrete footings and the one below has concrete footings.

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