The Perfect lawn

Lawn care in Reading, Berkshire

Lawn care services in Reading, Berkshire

Whilst looking at some of our lush green lawns this week enjoying the growth spurt from the spring feed and weed application, it made me think of looking for a perfect lawn guide on the web.

I found this article from George Munford called “Maintaining the Perfect Lawn”. It covers all the basics aspects of lawn maintenance throughout the year. The two fertiliser applications in Spring and Autumn are very important but make sure the NPK breakdown is different for each one. High Nitrogen in Spring and high in Potassium and Phosphorus for the Autumn application. If you have a spongy mossy lawn then aeration is key, if your lawn is very thatchey and thick then regular scarification is the only way to keep it under control. The general rule is that you cannot over scarify a lawn, take is right back to the bare minimum in Autumn or early Spring and watch it recover and thrive in the spring as soon as the warm weather arrives. Grass is extremely resilient. Keep you lawn irrigated well in dry periods and cut regularly so the sun and moisture can get to the roots.

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