Rose Pruning Advice

We have been pruning a lot of Roses in the last month so I thought I would give a quick guide on the correct technique of tidying up and stimulating the Spring growth.

Rose Pruning in Reading

The Majority of Rose Shrubs,Bushes,Climbers and Ramblers should be pruned in the Spring time. The main aim is to keep a proper shape and improve the flowering and health of the rose. It is not as daunting as some people originally think, it is very hard to kill a rose and most mistakes will grow out quickly.

The basic theory is when cutting always use a sharp pair of secateurs and cut just above the bud and make an outward facing slanted cut so the rain does not run into the bud and cause potential rotting.

If you require a more in depth technical analysis of the correct technique, the Royal Horticultural Society has a great article on their website.

If you would like a quote or even some advice regarding rose pruning please contact us.

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