Lawn care

We carry out all aspects of lawn care. We cut grass, feed and weed, moss kill, aerate, chain harrow, scarify and re seed.
We hope you find our lawn calendar useful. This is just a rough guide to what jobs should be carried out in certain months.
*Not much lawn work to be done at the beginning of the year.
* Stay off the lawn at this time because it can harm the lawn walking on frozen or waterlogged turf.
*Rake up leaves.
* Lawn care begins in this month.
*All types of preparation for seeding and turfing can be carried out now if the weather is suitable.
*Lawn work really starts this month.
*Cut the grass high – the first cut should just remove the top of the grass, cutting too close can result in yellowing.
*Light rolling.
*Moss killer can be applied now.
*Grass can be aerated now in preparation for feed and weed
*This is the best month to feed and weed – make sure the grass and weeds are actively growing before you do this.
*Lawn sand should be applied now.
*Rake out the dead moss 2-3 weeks later.
*Mow frequently but not too low depending on your type of grass.
* Re-seeding and turfing patches of worn or dead grass is ideal in April.
*Increase the frequency of mowing – once a week and lower the cut gradually.
*Selective moss killer and weed killer can be used now to kill anything not killed by the earlier feed and weed – make sure the weather conditions are suitable to do this –  a fine still day is best.
* Irrigation may be necessary if it is dry.
*The grass should now be cut once a week  – if their is a dry spell raise the height of cut and do not use a box.
*If the weather has been hot and dry, pricking may be necessary before irrigation.
*Mow regularly at the summer height.
*Irrigate if their is prolonged hot weather.
*Selective weed killer may be needed for Clover, Yarrow and Pearlwort.
*Keep mowing regularly
*If you go away on holiday and grass is overgrown on your return,  gradually cut the height of grass down again. Do not cut it at the summer height straight away.
* Last month of the year for weed killing and feeding with a nitrogen fertiliser.
*Autumn program begins.
* Start to cut the grass higher than in the summer months.
*Scarify – removes thatch from lawn.
*Aeration- creates air channels, relieves compaction and stimulates new roots.
*Regular mowing comes to an end.
*Carry out lawn repairs.
*Continue Aerating and scarifying if necessary
*Lay turf
*Clear fallen leaves off the lawn
*Stay off the lawn when it is wet or frozen
*Nothing to be done this month – stay inside in the warm!!