Gardening storm damage advice in Berkshire

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We have been battered and bruised from weeks of Atlantic storms recently and Berkshire has taken the brunt of it and the weather is starting to take its toll on the garden.
The main advice I can give is to stay off the grass completely as the water table is very high and the garden will turn into a mud bowl very quickly.
Make sure all the climbers and ramblers are still attached to the wall/pergola and make sure the roots are not exposed, if they are then cover them will soil immediately covering exposed roots.
Conifers can be especially susceptable in high winds as they catch the wind easily. Look out for detached branches and consider reducing the tall conifers later in the year when the weather improves.
You should also check to see that your evergreen shrubs are all supported and still bedded into the ground securely as the high winds can destabalize them.


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