February Garden Work

Post and Rail FencingWe are finally coming to the end of what has been a very cold and frosty month. We have been kept busy this month making sure all of our salt bins are kept full and spreading salt where needed in the car parks and entrances of the business parks that we look after.

We have been visiting our small gardens on a monthly basis keeping them in good order so they are all ready to go when season starts in hopefully late March. No grass cutting has been done yet as we have had some hard frosts that has limited any growth. We have split a privet hedge at one of our contracts that had got so wide it was leaning into the car parking bays. We chipped all the hedge cuttings that were removed which we will mix with the leaves that we collected in the autumn and after letting them mix we will spread the mulch on to our gardens next year. We have also cleared a very large ivy off a walled garden aswell as Pruning Wisteria and Pruning Apple trees in various gardens that we maintain.

This week we will be erecting some sawn rail fencing, stock fencing and a field gate on a local farm.




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