April Garden Work

Turf preparation
Finally the weather is starting to warm up and Spring will finally arrive this week with the Thermometer exceeding 20 degrees.
April is a busy and argueably the most pivotal month in the Garden calender as jobs done now can hugely affect the final look of your Summer garden. Preparation is the key word for April. Most of planting and sowing will be done now.
In terms of Lawn Care, April is the perfect month to lay turf as long as it is not too wet. Grass seed can also be sown now if it was not done in the autumn but make sure the seeded area is well irrigated and fence off seeded areas for protection. Established lawns should be fed with high Nitrogen Fertiliser to get an initial growth spurt occuring.
The majority of your vegetables will be sown in April. Potatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Beans, Beetroot and so on should all be sowed throughout April weather permitting. Do not be too brave in regards to planting and watch out for late frosts. The bedding can be planted now but just keep a close eye on the 10 day weather forecasts. The flower beds can also be prepared for Perennials and Biennials. Roses can also be pruned and treated for blackspot and mildew if neccessary.
Finally If you haven’t done it by now it is a good time to prune the Buddleia and remember to be aggressive cut it right down near the base. Here is a good article on how to shape and prune a Buddleia.

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